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Equine Answer Board Archive

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Some questions appearing previously on my Equine Answer Board are categorized and archived on this page, along with my own responses.

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Riding & Training

How can I teach my horse to stand still when I mount?

The horse I ride moves when I mount or shift my weight in the saddle. Any advice?

I'd like to stretch my horse's front legs before I mount. How do I teach him to accept it?

How can I safely condition a really fat and out of shape mare?

My horse has a stiff, weak leg. Is lunging a good way to strengthen it?

Can you recommend any mounted exercises to help keep my rides fresh?

Over-arching is causing me back problems. How do I correct it?

I'm helping a rider who pinches with her knees. How do I tell her to fix it?

I'm behind my pony's motion a lot. If I move my legs toward the girth more, would that fix it?

My horse is very stiff, especially with bending. Can you recommend any softening exercises?

How can I make my horse round and have a nice head-set?

Will it help to use a copper roller bit to get my pony to drop his head and accept the bit?

How do I soften my horse's extremely hard mouth?

How do I get my horse to take the correct canter lead?

My horse canters very fast on his forehand. Can you help?

I'm riding a horse with a very unbalanced and fast canter. How do I slow her down?

How do I help my horse make the transition from western to English?

I want to switch from dressage to jumping. What am I in for?

My spooky horse won't jump till I show him every fence. Any suggestions?

How do I handle a horse who runs out on his fences?

My school horse drops her head, pulls, and runs after jumps. How do I prevent this?

How high can my horse jump?

I fall off a lot, especially when jumping. Can you help me?

My school pony bucked me off, and now I'm afraid to ride him.

I've never fallen off before, and the thought of it scares me.

I recently rode a horse I haven't ridden in a while, and she ran out the arena door while I was on her back! What should I do?

My horse runs off and over anything in his path. Should I use a stronger bit? Should I continue to show him?

I have an ex-racehorse who occasionally runs away with me. What am I doing wrong?

My very experienced, headstrong horse sometimes bolts with me. How can I stop this?

I went to a show, and the pony I rode went crazy. Please help me!

How do riders keep from running into each other at the canter in a horse show?

Can you describe what goes on in and out of the ring at a hunter/jumper show?

What are judges looking for in equitation?

Why are there so many poor-moving, western pleasure horses competing in hunter classes?

I'm interested in showing western pleasure, but I don't know anything about it. Help!

What's the best breed and color of horse for western pleasure?

How can I stay calm during horse show classes?

Thoughts on show ring competitiveness and perfectionism

Horse Health

In light of the new information about possible over-vaccination, what do you recommend?

I've been told I need to have my horse's teeth floated. What does that mean?

My horse has "scuffs" on her hind hooves. Is this a problem?

What are "grass rings" in a horse's feet? Are they the same as "founder rings"?

My horse has scratches on all four legs. How do I get rid of it?

My school pony's eyes are very irritated. What should I do?

What would be causing my horse's bad breathing - cold air or dust?

I'm getting a pony with a problem. I need information on moonblindness.

I'm rescuing a horse with wobbles, and I need information on it. Can you help?

My mare is itching her mane and tail horribly. Can you offer any suggestions for a remedy?

How do you get rid of hock rubs?

Horse Care & Keeping

How can I help my horse adjust to a new stable?

Do you know of any horse toys that are hard for a horse to break?

What is the minimum amount of exercise a horse requires to stay in reasonable condition?

How long do horses live, and can you continue to ride a horse who is quite elderly?

I ride a horse whose feet are long and cracked. Is it time to call the farrier?

What should I do about the stagnant, spring runoff pond in my horse's pasture?

The horse I ride is very hard to catch in the pasture and is aggressive with me. Help!

How can I catch a pastured horse who tries to bite and whose pasture mate charges me?

Can I safely pasture several mares with foals together, or should I keep them separated?

Is it best to keep my horses outside during the winter, and if so, how do I prepare them?

My horse lost weight rapidly in his stall. How can I put it back?

How can I put weight on my cribber?

Should I keep my cribber outside all the time?

I'm interested in buying a weanling. Can you tell me how to raise one?

Outfitting Your Horse

How long will a saddle last if I keep it in good condition?

Should horses be blanketed in the winter?

How do you determine size for a winter blanket?

What sort of blanket is best?

What sort of sheet is best?

How should bell boots fit a horse's hooves?

Horse Leasing & Purchasing

I'm having difficulty finding a horse lease contract to use. Can you help?

Should I buy my daughter a horse?

What are the differences in temperament between a mare and gelding, and should gender of the animal be a determining factor in purchasing a horse?

When purchasing a pleasure horse, what guidelines should be used to determine size and breed?

I'm thinking of buying a horse who stumbles and has slight arthritis. Should I?

I'm thinking of buying a horse who has a heart murmur. How can I negotiate her price?

Miscellaneous Equestrian Concerns

How do I find a job exercising horses, and what sorts of other jobs are there?

Do you know any exercises riders can do to keep in shape when they're not riding?

I'm scared of stallions, but I want to work at a stud. What should I do?

I'm trying to return to my old stable, but it's hard to make friends. Any suggestions?

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