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The questions below reflect some of the most frequently asked by iris gardeners. Click on each question to view an answer compiled from information from professional and casual irisarians around the globe. Bear in mind, however, that gardening advice is often regional in nature and may need to be adjusted to apply to your specific growing and climatic conditions.

How can I identify an unknown (NOID) iris?

Of what value are unidentified irises?

What are the names of the different parts of an iris flower?

Why are my irises not blooming?

How should I dig, divide, and transplant my bearded irises?

Should I cut back iris leaves after bloom?

How should I prepare my irises for shipping?

Why did my irises change color?

Why don't my irises seem to match their catalog or package descriptions and photos?

What can you tell me about reblooming irises?

Where can I find official AIS iris registration data and photographs?


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