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Shadowood Horse Quiz Award Winners

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The following individuals have earned perfect scores on one or more of my horse quizzes and have won the Shadowood Horse Quiz Award for their achievements in so doing:

Tracy, [email protected]___.ca (9 awards)
June, [email protected]___.com (8 awards)
Karen, [email protected]___.net (7 awards)
Susan, [email protected]___.net (6 awards)
Tracy, [email protected]___.com (6 awards)
Ethel, [email protected]___.net (5 awards)
Amy, [email protected]___.net (4 awards)
Beverly, [email protected]___.com (4 awards)
Sarah, [email protected]___.com (4 awards)
AJ, [email protected]___.com (3 awards)
Angela, [email protected]___.com (3 awards)
Christina, [email protected]___.net (3 awards)
Elaine, [email protected]___.com (3 awards)
Emmerald Equine, [email protected]___.com (3 awards)
Jami, [email protected]___.net (3 awards)
Janet, [email protected]___.com (3 awards)
Jill, [email protected]___.com (3 awards)
Kerri, [email protected]___.com (3 awards)
Megan, [email protected]___.com (3 awards)
Robin, [email protected]___.net (3 awards)
Saddlebug, [email protected]___.com (3 awards)
Alicia, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Alison, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Allison, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Amanda, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Ash Lee, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Ashley, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Brooke, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Carissa, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Cheryl, [email protected]___.net (2 awards)
Chris, [email protected]___.net (2 awards)
Connie, [email protected]___.net (2 awards)
Ellen, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Emilie, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Emma, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Erin, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Gail, [email protected]___.net (2 awards)
Gina, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Heather, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Heather, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Heidi, [email protected]___.net (2 awards)
Jennifer, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Jill, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Kady, [email protected]___.net (2 awards)
Kari, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Kit, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Kristi, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Laura, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Lauren, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Legacy Jade, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Lia, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Lisa, [email protected]___.net (2 awards)
Lisa, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Loli, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Lynn, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Lynne, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Marci, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Marcy, [email protected]___.net (2 awards)
Mary, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Melanie, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Michelle, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Niki, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Nina, [email protected]___.edu (2 awards)
Reg, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Sara, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Sara, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Sarah, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Sarah, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Spencer, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Spike, [email protected]___.net (2 awards)
Sue, [email protected]___.COM (2 awards)
Tammy, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
Trish, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)
name not provided, [email protected]___.com (2 awards)

Abby, [email protected]___.com
Adam, [email protected]___.net
Alison, [email protected]___.net
Alison, [email protected]___.com
Alysse, [email protected]___.com
Amanda, [email protected]___.com
Amanda, [email protected]___.nz
Amanda, [email protected]___.com
Amanda, [email protected]___.com
Amber, [email protected]___.com
Amy, [email protected]___.com
Angela, [email protected]___.com
Ani, [email protected]___.com
Ania, [email protected]___.com
Anna, [email protected]___.com
Annette, [email protected]___.net
Arlene, [email protected]___.net
Ashley, [email protected]___.com
Ashton, [email protected]___.com
Barbara, [email protected]___.com
Barrie, [email protected]___.com
Becky, [email protected]___.com
Becky, [email protected]___.net
Becky, [email protected]___.com
Belle, [email protected]___.com
Beth, [email protected]___.net
Betsy, [email protected]___.com
B.J., [email protected]___.net
Bonita, [email protected]___.com
Brad, [email protected]___.com
Brandy, [email protected]___.com
Brandy, [email protected]___.net
Brianne, [email protected]___edu
Britt, [email protected]___.com
Brittney, [email protected]___.com
Bryttany, [email protected]___.net
Cara, [email protected]___.com
Carlie, [email protected]___.com
Carol, [email protected]___.org
Caroline, [email protected]___.com
Caroline, [email protected]___.nz
Carolyn, [email protected]___.net
Carrie, [email protected]___.com
Cassie, [email protected]___.com
Cathleen, [email protected]___.net
Charity, [email protected]___.ca
Charmaine, [email protected]___.com
Chelsea, [email protected]___.com
Chelsea, [email protected]___.com
Cherie, [email protected]___.net
Cheryl, [email protected]___.com
Cheyenne, [email protected]___.com
Chris, [email protected]___.com
Christine, [email protected]___.com
Christopher, [email protected]___.com
Cindy, [email protected]___.net
Colleen, [email protected]___.com
Courtney, [email protected]___.com
Courtney, [email protected]___.com
Crissi, [email protected]___.com
Crystal, [email protected]___.com
Cynthia, [email protected]___.com
Dan, [email protected]___.edu
Dana, [email protected]___.com
Darla, [email protected]___.net
Darlene, [email protected]___.com
Dave, [email protected]___.com
Deb, [email protected]___.net
Debbie, [email protected]___.net
Debby, [email protected]___.com
Dee, [email protected]___.net
Denise, [email protected]___.com
Diane, [email protected]___.gov
Dirkvandenheuvel, [email protected]___.com
Dominika, [email protected]___.cz
Donna, [email protected]___.com
Eileen, [email protected]___.net
Elaine, [email protected]___.com
Elise, [email protected]___.com
Elizabeth, [email protected]___.com
Elizabeth, [email protected]___.us
Elizabeth, [email protected]___.com
Elle, [email protected]___.com
Emilie, [email protected]___.com
Emily, [email protected]___.com
Enio, [email protected]___.br
Erica, [email protected]___.com
Erika, [email protected]___.com
Erin, [email protected]___.com
Erin, [email protected]___.com
Erin, [email protected]___.com
Erin, [email protected]___.com
Estelle, [email protected]___.us
Eva, [email protected]___.com
Eve, [email protected]___.com
Frances, [email protected]___.uk
Frank, [email protected]___.net
Gabby, [email protected]___.net
Gayle, [email protected]___.com
Georgina, [email protected]___.com
GIG, [email protected]___.com
Gina, [email protected]___.com
Hannah, [email protected]___.uk
Heather, [email protected]___.com
Heather, [email protected]___.com
Heather, [email protected]___.com
Heather, [email protected]___.com
Holly, [email protected]___.com
Horseybaby, [email protected]___.com
Impressive blue, [email protected]___.com
Jaime, [email protected]___.com
Jaimie, [email protected]___.com
Jamie, [email protected]___.com
Jan, [email protected]___.au
Janet, [email protected]___.com
Jaslyn, [email protected]___.com
Jen, [email protected]___.com
Jeni, [email protected]___.com
Jenna, [email protected]___.com
Jennie, [email protected]___.com
Jennifer, [email protected]___.com
Jennifer, [email protected]___.com
Jennifer, [email protected]___.net
Jennifer, [email protected]___.com
Jennifer, [email protected]___.net
Jenny, [email protected]___.com
Jere, [email protected]___.com
Jessica, [email protected]___.com
Jim, [email protected]___.net
Joca, [email protected]___.nl
Jordan, [email protected]___.com
Julie, [email protected]___.com
Justine, [email protected]___.org

Kaitlyn, [email protected]___.com
Kara, [email protected]___.com
Karen, [email protected]___.net
Karen, [email protected]___.au
Kari, [email protected]___.com
Kathie, [email protected]___.com
Kathryn, [email protected]___.ca
Kathy, [email protected]___.com
Kathy, [email protected]___.net
Katoru, [email protected]___.com
Katrina, [email protected]___.com
Kayla, [email protected]___.com
Kellie, [email protected]___.net
Kelly, [email protected]___.com
Kerry, [email protected]___.com
Kim, [email protected]___.com
Kimberlei, [email protected]___.com
Kiwi, [email protected]___.net
Kodiak, [email protected]___.com
Kris, [email protected]___.com
Krista, [email protected]___.com
Kristi, [email protected]___.ca
Kristina, [email protected]___.com
Kristy, [email protected]___.net
Kyle, [email protected]___.com
Lacy, [email protected]___.com
Lara, [email protected]___.com
Laura, [email protected]___.com
Laura, [email protected]___.com
Laura, [email protected]___.com
Laura, [email protected]___.net
Laura, [email protected]___.com
Laura, [email protected]___.net
Lauren, [email protected]___.com
Leanne, [email protected]___.com
Leigh ann, [email protected]___.net
Leitch, [email protected]___.com
Lenora, [email protected]___.com
Leslie, [email protected]___.ca
Lilac, [email protected]___.com
Linda, [email protected]___.nl
Linda, [email protected]___.com
Linda, [email protected]___.com
Linda Kay, [email protected]___.com
Lindsey, [email protected]___.com
Lisa, [email protected]___.com
Lisa, [email protected]___.net
Lisa, [email protected]___.com
Lisa, [email protected]___.com
Lisa, [email protected]___.net
Lisa, [email protected]___.ca
Liz, [email protected]___.net
Liz, [email protected]___.com
Lora, [email protected]___.com
Lotta, [email protected]___.se
Lou, [email protected]___.com
Lydia, [email protected]___.co
Lynn, [email protected]___.com
Lyric, [email protected]___.com
Marci, [email protected]___.net
Maria, [email protected]___.com
Mariko, [email protected]___.com
Mariya, [email protected]___.com
Martine, [email protected]___.com
Mary, [email protected]___.net
Mary, [email protected]___.com
Mary, [email protected]___.mil
MaryBeth, [email protected]___.net
Matthew, [email protected]___.edu
Maya, [email protected]___.com
Megan, [email protected]___.com
Melissa, [email protected]___.com
Meredith, [email protected]___.net
Meredith, [email protected]___.com
Michael, [email protected]___.net
Michelle, [email protected]___.com
Michelle, [email protected]___.com
Michelle, [email protected]___.net
Mike, [email protected]___.net
Mike, [email protected]___.com
Molly, [email protected]___.com
Monica, [email protected]___.net
Nanci, email address withheld on request
Nancy, [email protected]___.net
Nancy, [email protected]___.net
Nancy, [email protected]___.com
Natalie, [email protected]___.net
Neilda, [email protected]___.ca
Nickol, [email protected]___.com
Nikki, [email protected]___.com
Nikki, [email protected]___.com
Nikki, [email protected]___.com
Pat, [email protected]___.com
Pattie, [email protected]___.com
Paula, [email protected]___.net
Penny, [email protected]___.net
Rachael, [email protected]___.net
Randi, [email protected]___.net
Rhonda, [email protected]___.com
Ricci, [email protected]___.com
Roberta, [email protected]___.net
Robin, [email protected]___.com
Roxanne, [email protected]___.com
Sandra, [email protected]___.net
Sara, [email protected]___.com
Sara, [email protected]___.com
Sarah, [email protected]___.com
Sarah, Night [email protected]___.com
Sarah, [email protected]___.com
Sary, [email protected]___.com
SBC, [email protected]___.com
Shannon, [email protected]___.com
Shannon, [email protected]___.net
Sharon, [email protected]___.com
Sharon, [email protected]___.com
Shelley, [email protected]___.com
sMiLeS, [email protected]___.com
Sparky, [email protected]___.com
Stacie, [email protected]___.com
Stacy, [email protected]___.com
Stormiee, [email protected]___.com
Surreal, [email protected]___.com
Susan, [email protected]___.com
Susan, [email protected]___.com
Suzan, [email protected]___.com
Taffy, [email protected]___.net
Tami, [email protected]___.com
Tammy, [email protected]___.com
Tara, [email protected]___.com
Tara, [email protected]___.com
Tasha, [email protected]___.ca
Teresa, [email protected]___.com
Tiani, [email protected]___.net
Tim, [email protected]___.net
Triss, [email protected]___.com
Valerie, [email protected]___.com
Valerie, [email protected]___.com
Verge, [email protected]___.com
Vicki, [email protected]___.com
W., [email protected]___.net
Wanda, [email protected]___.com
Wynette, [email protected]___.com
Yvette, [email protected]___.com
Yvette, [email protected]___.com
name not provided, [email protected]___.com
name not provided, [email protected]___.com
name not provided, [email protected]___.us
name not provided, [email protected]___.com

Congratulations, one and all! Keep up the great work!

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