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See How They Move

Walk, trot, canter - is that all there is? No way! But what do you know about all those *other* gaits? Take this quiz and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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Which of the following is not a four-beat, lateral gait?
Marcha Batida
Paso Llano
Slow Gait

Which of the following breeds does not perform a four-beat gait other than a flat walk?
Missouri Foxtrotter
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Which of the following breeds is particularly known for its "rocking-horse" canter?
American Saddlebred
Tennessee Walking Horse
Icelandic Horse

Which of the following gaits does not include a moment of suspension?
Running Walk

Which of the following gaits involves the horse taking short strides with the hind legs?
Running Walk
Classic Fino

Which of the following breeds performs the Merry Walk?
Tennessee Walking Horse
American Walking Pony
Rocky Mountain Horse

Which of the following gaits is commonly described as a walk in front and trot behind?
Fox Trot

Which of the following breeds does not nod it's head excessively when it travels in certain gaits?
Tennessee Walking Horse
American Saddlebred
Missouri Foxtrotter

Which of the following gaits is not performed at speed?
Classic Fino
Flying Pace
Paso Largo

Which of the following is described as a two-beat lateral gait?

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