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It's in the Genes

Equine genetics are of essential importance to those interested in improving a breed through specific reproductive practices. How much do you know about breeding theory? Take this quiz and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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Which of the following chromosome pairs results in a female foal?

Phenotype refers to a horse's ...
traits which are visible and measurable
genetic inheritance

How much of a horse's inheritance comes from each parent?
60% from dam, 40% from sire
40% from dam, 60% from sire
50% from dam, 50% from sire

What is the chance that two heterozygous black (Ee) parents will produce a red foal?
there is a 0% chance
there is a 25% chance
there is a 50% chance

Which of the following doesnot involve breeding horses within the same family tree?

The potential development of melanomas is associated with which coat color?

Which of the following is not a genetic defect?
bucked shins
parrot mouth

Which of these faulty breeding theories developed around the turn of the century referred to the belief that the same 16 horses appeared in the pedigree of every superior Thoroughbred?
Galton's Law
Vuillier Dosage System
Bruce Lowe System

How many chromosomes are contained in each body cell of the horse?

The ability of a horse to pass on its likeness to its offspring is known as ...?

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