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Broncs and Brahmans

Rodeo evolved in the American West to become a popular form of cowboy entertainment, though modern rodeo enjoys a much broader appeal. What do you know about modern rodeo competition? Take this quiz and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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How many separate, competitive rodeo events are described by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association?

For which of the following will a saddle bronc rider not be automatically disqualified?
improper position of rider's feet at the beginning of the ride
neglecting to spur the horse
touching the horse with his free hand before the ending buzzer

In which of the following events may cattle be roped around the horns only?
steer roping
calf roping
team roping (heading)

Which of the following is not classified as a timed event by the PRCA?
steer wrestling
team roping

Bulldogger is another name for a ... ?
rodeo bullfighter
steer wrestler
bull rider

Which riding event requires the contestant to remain mounted for the longest period of time?
saddle bronc riding
bull riding
all riding events require the same amount of mounted time

During which of the following events is the bovine not thrown to the ground and tied after having been roped?
calf roping
team roping
steer roping

Only those cowboys competing in at least how many separate events during the competitive year qualify to compete for the PRCA World Champion All-Around Cowboy title?
at least two separate events
at least three separate events
at least four separate events

Cowboys may wear spurs with locked rowels in which one of the following events?
bareback bronc riding
saddle bronc riding
bull riding

On what basis are the riding events judged?
50% contestant's performance and 50% animal's efforts
60% contestant's performance and 40% animal's efforts
75% contestant's performance and 25% animal's efforts

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