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Feeding Time

How much do you know about the meals your horse receives? Take this quiz on equine nutrition and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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Which of the following hays is not a legume?

Which horse requires the highest level of digestible energy (calories) in its daily diet?
Mature, 1100 lb. non-working broodmare during last 90 days of pregnancy
6 month old growing horse to mature at 1100 lbs.
Mature, 1100 lb. horse working 2 hours a day

Which of the following is not a vitamin?

Which of the following dried hays offers the highest percentage of digestible protein when grown and harvested under identical conditions?
red clover
Kentucky bluegrass

The development of goiter is associated with the improper feeding of which of these minerals?

Which of the following provides the highest energy content (kilocalories per gram)?

A mature horse's stomach has a capacity of approximately ...
1 to 2 gallons
2 to 4 gallons
4 to 6 gallons

Which of the following feedstuffs supplies the highest percentage of total digestible nutrients?
oats, grade 1 US, 34 lbs/bushel
alfalfa hay, second cutting, early bloom
dent yellow corn, grade 2 US, 54 lbs/bushel

Which is not a type of clover?

The major sources of this vitamin are sunlight and sun-cured hay
vitamin C
vitamin A
vitamin D

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