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Heimlich? NO, Henneke!

The Henneke scoring system is a standardized method for determining the overall condition of a horse's body. This system is widely utilized by equine veterinarians and horse rescue personnel for assessing the animals under their care. Henneke scores are based on numeric values assigned each of several physical locations on the horse's body, with low numbers indicating thinness and high numbers indicating obesity. Do you know exactly how this very useful system works? Take this quiz and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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Henneke first devised his equine body condition scoring system in order to gauge ... ?
reproductive efficiency in stallions
reproductive efficiency in mares
optimum performance in racehorses

The Henneke system scores body fat on specific areas of the horse's body on a numeric scale from ... ?

The Henneke system is based on the assessment of how many different areas of the equine anatomy?

Which of the following body parts is not scored in the Henneke system?

An average horse is typically considered to be at a healthy weight if it receives a Henneke score between ... ?

Which of the following has the highest (heaviest) suggested optimum condition score, according to Kohnke (1992)?
pregnant mares
breeding stallions
off-season stallions

Which of the following has the lowest (thinnest) suggested optimum condition score, according to Kohnke (1992)?
show jumpers
ranch horses
thoroughbred racehorses

An overall body score of 6 is identified as ... ?
moderately fleshy

"Shoulder not obviously thin" is part of the description of which of the following overall body conditions?
moderately thin
moderately fleshy

Which one of the following assessments doesn't fall into the same overall body condition category as the other two?
neck blends smoothly into body
back is level
fat over ribs feels spongy

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