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Out for a Drive

Though the days of horse and buggy as a primary mode of travel are long past in many parts of the world, there are still a large number of enthusiasts who take tremendous enjoyment in competitive driving. Do you know the difference between a Gambler's Choice and a Time and Out class? Take this quiz and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Just a hint - these questions and answers are derived from the AHSA Rule Book. Have fun!

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Which of the following is not one of the three major classifications of driving competitions?
Marathon Driving
Pleasure Driving
Dressage Driving

What term is used in Pleasure Driving classes to request the strong trot?
"road gait"
"trot on"
"extend the trot"

Which one of the following Obstacle Driving classes must be performed exclusively at the trot?
Fault and Out
Double Jeopardy

What is the definition of a Combination Pleasure Driving class?
a horse is driven for a portion of the class and then ridden for the remainder of the class
a horse or team pulls a light vehicle for a portion of the class and then a heavy vehicle for the remainder of the class
a light horse and heavy draft horse exhibit in tandem pulling a single vehicle

In which of the following Pleasure Marathon classes is the goal to come to the finish line exactly on time

The object of which of the following driving competitions is described as testing the fitness, obedience and suppleness of the horses as well as the skill and competence of the competitor?
Obstacle Driving

On which side of the carriage should the driver sit in Pleasure Driving classes?
in the center
on the lefthand side
on the righthand side

Draft horse driving classes are open to ... ?
horses who are registered with draft horse breed associations
horses who weigh 1500 lbs. or more and have draft conformation
draft mares and geldings only

Which of the following types of trot used in Dressage driving competitions is described as having the hind feet touch the ground in the foot prints of the forefeet?
collected trot
working trot
extended trot

A Combined Driving event includes which of the following competitions?
Marathon and Obstacle Driving only
Marathon, Dressage, and Obstacle Driving
any two or more of the above

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