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Saddle Up!

Saddles have changed much since the days of the very first saddle cloths utilized in early equestrian history. There are now numerous saddles of every design and description to accommodate various mounted activities - English, western, and all points in between. What do you know about all these saddle options? Take this quiz and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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Which of the following saddles typically has the deepest seat?
close contact
Lane Fox show saddle

What is the average width of the fork on a stock saddle?
4-4 3/4"
5-5 3/4"
6-6 3/4"

Which of the following is not used to hold a saddle in proper position?

In which of the following saddles, when properly fitted to the rider and horse, is the rider's balance placed the farthest forward on the horse's back?
saddle seat equitation
all-purpose hunt

Which of the following would be the least acceptable solution to fitting an English saddle to a horse with high withers?
using thicker saddle pads
using a saddle with a narrower tree
using a saddle with a cutback head

Which of the following designs of western saddles is generally the heaviest?
barrel racing

If a saddle must be temporarily placed on a flat surface or on the ground, it should be placed in what position?
tipped up on the pommel or horn
right side up as it would lay on the horse's back
upside down

If the same rider purchased each of the following types of saddles, which saddle would have the longest actual seat measurement according to the proper method used to measure each of these saddle types?
saddle seat saddle
hunt saddle
western saddle

Which of the following has not been used to stuff the panels on English saddles?
horse hair
foam rubber
cotton batting

Which of the following types of saddles is typically ridden with the shortest stirrups?

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