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Olympic Involvement

Horses have competed in partnership with man in the Olympic Games since ancient times. Participation in the modern Olympic Games has been a considerably more recent venture, however. What do you know about the advent of these modern-day Olympic equestrian events? Take this quiz and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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In what year were the ancient Olympic Games held in which horses were first used in competition?
688 BC
648 BC
608 BC

When did the *modern* equestrian events first appear in the Olympics?

Who first instigated the inclusion of the modern equestrian events in the Olympics?
Baron Pierre de Coubertin
Count Clarence von Rosen
Capitaine Crousse

How many nations participated in the equestrian events the first year they were included in modern Olympic history?

Prior to World War II, *most* modern olympic equestrian participants were members of the military. Who was the first non-military competitor to break the military's 40-year monopoly in show jumping in 1952?
Fritz Thiedemann
Oscar Cristi
Pierre Jonqueres d'Oriola

When were women first allowed to compete in the Olympic equestrian events?

Olympic dressage competition was open exclusively to commissioned officers until 1952. In 1948, which country lost the team gold in dressage when it was discovered one of their team members lacked the required military rank?

When was the dressage *team* competition first included in the Olympic Games?

Which organization regulates and sets rules and standards for international Olympic equestrian competitions?
International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI)
International Horse Show Committee (IHSC)

What distinguished the 1968 individual show jumping silver medal winning mount, Stroller?
he was a registered appaloosa
he was 23 years old
he was only 14.2 hands tall

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