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Hot-blooded Beauty

Thoroughbreds are among the most aristocratic of horse breeds. As such, their blood has been used to improve numerous other breeds around the world. But what do you know about this noble creature? Take this quiz and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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What is the name of the primary Thoroughbred breed registry?
World Bloodstock Registry
Jockey Club
International Thoroughbred Association

The mares originally listed in the General Stud Book in 1791 were all related to the same three stallions. Which of the following was not one of those stallions?

The Thoroughbred race horse typically races at speeds of ... ?
35-40 mph
30-35 mph
25-30 mph

When was the lip tattoo adopted as a means of Thoroughbred identification in the U.S.?

From which part of the world were the three foundation stallions of the Thoroughbred breed imported at the turn of the 17th century?
Mediterranean Middle East
Far East

What is the *average* height of the modern Thoroughbred?
15.2 hands
16 hands
16.2 hands

Organized Thoroughbred racing in North America is traditionally credited as first being held in Annapolis, MD in what year?

In which country did the Thoroughbred breed originate?

In which year were the highest number of Thoroughbred foals registered in the U.S.?

Which of the following famous Thoroughbreds was nicknamed "Old Bones"?
Phar Lap

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