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Know Me, Know My Distal Spot

Lots of horses have the same basic body coloration, but no two animals have exactly the same markings. These identifiers can be small, large, or oddly-shaped. They can be striking, comical, or nondescript; can have well-defined or fuzzy edges; or can even occur as spots within spots. They can show up on various parts of the equine anatomy or may not show up at all. In fact, the only thing you can count on is that they will remain unchanged throughout the horse's life. Can you tell one marking from another? Take this quiz and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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Which of the following facial markings is the widest?

Which is not a typical location for whorls?
midline of the neck

Where are distal leg spots located?
just below the hock
just above the hoof
on the fetlock

What is a "wall eye"?
an eye with part of the iris colored white
an eye with a lot of white sclera showing (as in appaloosas)
a type of fish

Which of the following does not ever include white over any part of the nostrils?
white muzzle
bald face

Which of the following markings is described as a star separated from and followed by a stripe?
oblique blaze
disjointed blaze
offset blaze

What color is the skin beneath white markings?
the same as the skin color over the rest of the body

Which of the following markings would display white at the highest point on the horse's leg?
knee patch

Which of the following markings are not considered throwback traits to wild equids?
zebra marks
transverse stripes

On which portion of a solid-colored horse would white body markings be least likely to occur?

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