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How's Your Common Horse Sense?

Are you considering buying a horse? Do you own one already? Take this brief quiz to test your knowledge of some of the basic elements of equine ownership. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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Do you own a horse?

What is an adult horse's normal temperature?
98.4-100ºF (36.9-37.8ºC)
99-100.5ºF (37.2-38.1ºC)
99.8-101.3ºF (37.7-38.5ºC)

What is an adult gelding's normal resting pulse?
33-40 beats per minute
38-45 beats per minute
43-50 beats per minute

What is an adult horse's normal resting respiration rate?
8-16 breaths per minute
12-20 breaths per minute
16-24 breaths per minute

How often should a horse's hooves be trimmed?
Every 6-8 weeks all year
Only when the horse is being worked regularly
Never - hooves wear down naturally

Tetanus toxoid should be administered to all horses ...
Every 3 months - it's a short-lived vaccine
Never - horses are not susceptible to tetanus

A gelding who rolls repeatedly, nips at his sides, and/or "stretches" frequently may be suffering from ...
An itchy back
A sore back

Of the following, two are often considered blemishes, while one is commonly considered an unsoundness. Which is the unsoundness?
wind puffs

Weaving refers to ...
A horse arranging its hay into interesting patterns
A horse walking in criss-cross patterns around the pasture
A horse repeatedly shifting weight from one front foot to the other

All horses require both hay and grain in their diets ...
Nonsense - all horses can thrive on high quality forage alone
It depends on the individual animal's physiology and level of work
Absolutely - it's the only way to assure a balanced diet

Domesticated horses (in the U.S.) must be provided with adequate shelter from the elements ...
Never - they evolved to endure the natural elements
Always - they are quite vulnerable to environmental changes
By law

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