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Jumpers - those magnificent equines with wings on their feet. They soar over the largest obstacles with amazing athletic aptitude? But what do you know about the requirements of their sport? Take this quiz and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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The AHSA Jumper division is divided into several sections based on what?
money earned by the horse
ribbons earned by the horse
number of competitions entered by the horse

Which of the following is not considered in the scoring of open jumper competitions?
jumping speed
horse's jumping style
jump knockdowns

"Scope" refers to ... ?
a horse's ability to properly judge take-off distances to jumps
a horse's courage to jump various obstacles
a horse's ability to jump obstacles which are high and/or wide

The first obstacle in a jumper course is generally ... ?
the largest - to get the most difficult challenge out of the way while the horse is fresh
the easiest - to start the horse confidently over the course
the widest - to help stretch the horse's muscles out for the rest of the fences

FEI rules dictate jumping courses to have how many obstacles?

Which of the following is not always counted as a fault, depending on the specific jumper class?
excessive time

"Walking a course" is the process of ... ?
the rider riding the horse at a walk around the course just prior to jumping their round
the rider leading the horse around the course prior to the competition
the rider walking around the course on foot prior to the competition

Which of the following is not an acceptable tactic to use in a jumper competition in order to save time around the course?
jump at sharp angles
change the order of the jumps
eliminate strides between fences

Which of the following is a jump-off round not likely to involve?
higher fences
fewer fences
an increased time allotment

Which of the following would result in automatic elimination from a jumper competition?
neglecting to re-jump an obstacle after a run-out
knockdown of a fence
a refusal

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