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High Heels or Bare Feet?

Horses' feet are trimmed and shod in the manner best suited to the specific horse's needs and the requirements of his work. What do you know of the goings-on in the farrier's shed? Take this quiz and find out. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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Which of the following pre-made horseshoe sizes is the largest (within the same manufacturer's line)?

Which of the following corrective additions are made to *front* horseshoes to prevent them from being pulled off by a horse who overreaches with his hind feet?
spooned heels
extended heels
swelled heels

Which of the following should not be done during the shoeing process?
create the proper angle of the foot
rasp off the periople of the hoof
create a level surface on the bottom of the hoof

Which of the following is not a reason to apply pads between the horse's feet and shoes?
to prevent snow from balling up against the sole of the foot
to protect the sole of the foot directly from injury
to help maintain a constant temperature in the sole of the foot

Which of the following shouldn't you expect proper shoeing to be able to do for a mature horse?
correct some hoof conditions
correct conformational flaws
correct faulty movement

What is it called when the farrier pulls the horse's shoes, trims the feet, and replaces the same shoes?

Which of the following will cause a horse's stride to breakover at the center of foot and help to produce straight forward movement of the limb?
a more pointed toe
a more rounded toe
a more squared toe

If the horseshoe has a tendency to slide back on the foot away from the toe while being nailed in position, which of the following would not be an acceptable remedy?
applying toe clips to the shoes
placing the heel nails first
dubbing the toe

When a horseshoe nail is accidentally driven into the sensitive structures of the foot, it's known as ...

Which of the following are not applied to horseshoes to provide additional height and/or traction to the horse's heels?
heel calks
blocked heels

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