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A Perfect Union

Dressage in its purest form creates a perfect union between horse and rider. What do you know about this most artistic equestrian activity? Take this quiz and find out. Information for this quiz is based on the AHSA Rule Book. I'll score your quiz and return the results to you via email. Have fun!

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What are the standard dimensions of a large dressage arena?
20x40 meters
20x60 meters
40x60 meters

Which of the following is not an "air above the ground"?

What would competitive scores consistently in the 60's be likely to indicate?
that you are overfaced and should move back to the previous level of competition
that you should remain at your current level of competition until your scores improve significantly
that you should move up to the next higher level of competition

At what level(s) may the show committee opt to hold dressage tests in the smaller-sized arena?
Training Level
Training Level through Second Level
Training Level through Third Level

Which of the following types of gaits cover the most ground per minute?

What is the name of the dressage competition in which the horse and rider perform to music?
equine ballet
musical kur
mounted dance

Which of the following does not involve lateral movement?

"Bending" refers to ... ?
bending the horse's body laterally in a regular and even curve from the poll to the tail
bending all three joints of the hind legs longitudinally accompanied by flexing the gullet equally on both sides
both of the above

What is the correct series of letters identifying a small dressage arena starting at the in-gate and moving clockwise around the perimeter of the ring?

Which of the following can be defined as "the result of the proper harmony that a horse shows when it moves with well marked regularity, impulsion, and balance"?

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