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Welcome to the Equestrian Testing Center. Here you will find horse quizzes covering a wide variety of equine topics. For brief descriptions of each quiz's focus, refer to the site index. Take as many quizzes as you'd like. I will score your quiz and return the results to you via email as time permits. If you earn a perfect score on your first attempt on any given quiz, you will also receive the Shadowood Horse Quiz Award! Click here for a current list of award winners.

I consider these "open-book" quizzes, so feel free to do as much research as you'd like. :-)


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Due to popular request, I am now offering to write a custom, 10 question, multiple choice quiz for your saddle club, riding stable, 4-H club, or other horse-crazy group, individual, or event for $5.00. If interested, contact me with the topic(s) you would like the quiz to cover.

How's Your Common Horse Sense?

A Matter of Breeding

Feeding Time

A Leg to Stand On

About the Bad Stuff

It's in the Genes

See How They Move

Perfect Conformation?

In the Beginning

Who Said What?

A Perfect Union

Who Wrote That?

Quite a Mouth-Full

High Heels or Bare Feet?

A Horse of a Different Color

A Poet's View

Don't DO That!

Over the Top

The Bigger, The Better

Good Things in Small Packages

Making It Better

Clean and Shiny!

Know Me, Know My Distal Spot

Hot-blooded Beauty


Dawn of Domestication

Olympic Involvement

It's All in His Head ... and Lungs

Saddle Up!

They Made a Difference

All Wrapped Up

Out for a Drive

Down the Hatch

Open Wide!

A Fungus Amongus

Heimlich? NO, Henneke!

Of Myth and Legend - The Centaurs

Of Myth and Legend - The Winged Horses

Of Myth and Legend - The Unicorns

Just Because He's Geriatric

Shaky Tails

Windows to the Soul

America's Horse

Broncs and Brahmans

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Pins and Needles

Forrest Gimp

Hot + Cold =

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