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Well, actually, her name is Nikki. No, wait, her real name is Nikkal. She was originally named after some obscure little goddess somehow related to the moon. But things change, and around this farm, change often comes about in the way of evolution/convolution of names. And so, Nikkal became Nikki became Nik became Moondoggie became The Moondog became Moonbeam became Mooners became Moonley became Moonette became Moonie Cahoonie became Moonie. She is also known as Colette, The Queen Dog, and The Dog Police. As you may have surmised from these last two identities, Moonie is the alpha dog - not to be confused with the alpha animal, which title falls to Pea.

Rin Tin Puppy

Rin Tin Puppy

Moonie is the only canine who entered the family as a baby. She was one of a litter of five very young puppies abandoned by the side of the road on a frigid winter day. Luckily, some kind soul found the pups and delivered them to the warmth and safety of the local humane shelter before they froze to death. A few days later, I found the tiny girl in a kennel at the shelter and adopted her as my own. It was Dec. 5, 1987, and there was to be a full moon that night - hence my baby's lunar name.

Moon Puppy and I

Me and my new baby

Sarah was the only resident dog at that time. Having been recently rescued from a different and wholly undesirable animal holding facility, Sarah was happy to accept another canine into the family. She took the new pup into her circle and treated her like her own baby.

Moon Puppy and Sarah

Sarah and her new baby

Unfortunately, the Moondog has not remembered Sarah's early kindness. Moonie is actually quite nasty to poor Sarah - growling at her anytime anyone dares pat Sarah and chasing her off anytime she tries to play with one of the other dogs. I'm not certain why Moonie has adopted such an intolerant behavior towards Sarah, or why Sarah allows it, but that's how things are.

Fortunately, Moonie's intolerant behavior does not extend to the felines of the family. In fact, Moonie quite adores them. Always has. Back in her exuberant younger days, she would wiggle her way up to Pea and smash her puppy nose into the disapproving face of the indignant cat, only to wind up with a claw imbedded in her eyelid. It never dissuaded the eager pup. She never has outgrown her love of cats.

Moonie and Capri napping

Moonie and Capri sharing some quiet time

Moonie was committed to the care and keeping of our family until her body could no longer support her immense spirit. Our earthbound family lost its monarch on September 4, 2005, though I know she continues to watch over us and keeps our spirit clan in line on the other side. I'll do my best to handle things here until we meet again, Moondoggie ...

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Other Four-legged Shadowood Family Members

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