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The Iris Pages at Shadowood reflect my keen and ever-increasing infatuation with these most beautiful flowers. Here you will find my photos and information about individual cultivars, a bearded iris planting and culture guide, frequently asked questions and answers about irises, iris colors and patterns, and irises displaying purple pigmentation on their foliage and/or rhizomes. I hope you enjoy your stroll through these pages and come away happily and forever infected with the iris virus.

Shadowood's Iris Search - This search engine specifically and exclusively searches hundreds of iris-related websites worldwide so you no longer have to dig through thousands of irrelevant search results to find what you're looking for. Try it out!

Shadowood's Iris Search

Enjoy Iris Bloom All Year!

Handmade Iris Wallplates
single switchplate
single receptacle

Enjoy the beauty of irises in your home year round. These wonderful room accents make memorable gifts for anyone with an appreciation for unique decor. Handmade from my designs or yours. Visit my Wallplates With Panache catalog for more samples and ordering details.

triple switchplate

Iris Photos and Information - Individual cultivar pages with pics and AIS registration information for around 650 different irises of all bearded classifications, as well as various beardless and crested types. Lists are provided both alphabetically and by class/type. More cultivar pages will be added throughout and after each bloom season.

Bearded Iris Planting and Culture Guide - Basic planting and culture techniques for bearded irises.

Iris FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions and answers about irises.

PBF, PR, and PRR Irises - A list of irises exhibiting purple-based foliage, purple rhizomes, and/or purple-ringed rhizomes.


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