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Animal Links

General Animal Links

Pet Discussion Forums - A group of forums dedicated to the discussion of all aspects of the care and keeping of a variety of companion animals
Pets Forum - A great forum for folks wanting to ask questions or discuss pet issues
Ark Online - An online magazine about companion animals
Critter Chat - Another online publication about companion animals
The Electronic Zoo - Another great site with much useful info and many wonderful links
Noah - A search engine dedicated to animal-related sites
Pets Unleashed
Dog, Dogs, Canine Wonderland! - Discover all you could ever want to know about dogs, get lots of free dog stuff, and interact with dog owners from around the world in our informative dog forums at I-Love-Dogs.com!

Animal Law Links

Law Crawler - A very useful law-related search engine
Veterinary Government & Law Resources - a page of related links
Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator - Just type in the category (ex. "equine law") and find a lawyer in your area
Equine Law Web - A Web Site Devoted to Legal Issues Involving Horses
American Association for Horsemanship Safety - A tremendous site for horsemanship safety and equine law

General Veterinary Links

Healthy Pets - The American Animal Hospital Association's homepage with a very good online pet care library and hospital locator
American Veterinary Medical Association Care for Pets Home Page - Offers many fine articles covering numerous aspects of pet health and care
NetVet - More veterinary and pet care links
Your About.com Guide to Veterinary Medicine - Even more veterinary links and articles

Pet Loss Support Links

The Pet Loss Grief Support Website - A wonderfully comforting site. This one contains the Monday Night Candle Ceremony

Equine Link Directories & Search Engines

GoHorses.com - Yet another directory of internet horse sites ... this one offers brief descriptions of every site listed
Webpony Horse Search Engine - Another horse-dedicated search engine and link listing

Miscellaneous Equine Links

Horse101.com - Equine link directory, veterinary articles, and discussion forums
About.com Guide to Horses - A tremendous resource with numerous articles and links covering all areas of equine interest
equerry.com - A large and diverse site offering lots of information and education for the horse lover
Equijournal - Another important equestrian resource with many informational articles and other features
New Zealand Horses ONLINE - A fully featured site servicing New Zealand equestrians includes general interest articles
University of Missouri Extension Publications - Links to a substantial list of horse-related extension articles
Purdue Extension Publications - More links to horse-related extension articles
EquiSearch - The international equine information service with news and results, horse and real estate for sale ads, chat, and bulletin boards
Equine Coat Colors - Up to date, comprehensive information on horse colors and patterns
Silverhorse Studios - Online catalog for unique horse lovers' gifts for home and barn

Equine Veterinary & Health Care Links

American Veterinary Medical Association - A comprehenive site with extensive equine veterinary information and education brochures
World Equine Health Network - A huge site with tons of equine veterinary information
The Horse - Tremendous resource for horse health care information
Horse Health Index - Articles on many horse health related issues
myHorseMatters.com - Horse health articles provided by the AAEP
Equine Veterinary Network - Another fantastic equine health care resource center
UC Davis Center for Equine Health - Information and articles relating to horse health
Equine Fact Sheets - A relatively small list of very well written articles on various topics of horse health care
Southern Pines Equine Associates Horse Health - Another short list of articles, these written by Jim Hamilton DVM
Kentucky Equine Research Archival Library - An extensive, searchable library of articles on equine nutrition and exercise physiology

Hoof Care

Anvil Magazine Online
Hoofcare and Lameness Magazine

Competitive Associations & Rules

Federation Equestre Internationale - International horse show governing body
United States Equestrian Federation - Includes the full USEF Rulebook
AERC - American Endurance Ride Conference website

Buying a Horse

Can I Have a Horse? - Article written by yours truly describing a nine-step process of buying a horse
Horse Shopping? - A first-time horse owners guide to horse buying
AVMA - Buying a Horse
University of Missouri Extension - Buying a Horse

Equine Breed Descriptions & Associations

Horse Breeds of the World - Descriptions and pictures of horse breeds

Equine Magazines

The Horse Interactive
Horse Illustrated
The Blood-Horse Interactive

Equine Forums & Bulletin Boards

AcmePet Horses Bulletin Board

Horse Home Pages

Brewster's Clydesdale Cross Home Page - Check out this adorable big boy

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Gardening Links

General Gardening Resources

GardenWeb - My favorite gardening site on the web. Be sure to check out the many wonderful forums
Gardening Launch Pad - A great online gardening starting point with many links organized by topic
Home and Garden Place
GardenTown - Gardening forums and chat ... and much more
Gardencom.com - Garden search portal. Directory of over 100 categories to choose from.

Plant Encyclopedias & Images

The PlantFiles at Dave's Garden
Flowerweb includes Flowerbase, a searchable plant database
Horticopia Plant Information
USDA PLANTS National Database
University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Botany Virtual Foliage Image Collections
CalPhotos: California Plants & Habitats
Kansas Prairie Wildflowers
Native Wildflowers of North Dakota Grasslands
Internet Directory For Botany: Images

Gardening for Wildlife

The Wildlife Garden - A friendly forum with topics ranging from recipes for homemade suet cakes to moose in the garden
Pacific Northwest Native Wildlife Gardening
The Butterfly WebSite - Everything you ever wanted to know about butterflies and how to attract them to your garden
Butterflies and Moths of North America - Determine exactly which butterfly species occur in your area along with their preferred host and nectar plants

Growing from Seed

Tom Clothier's Garden Walk and Talk - There's a tremendous amount of gardening information, including much on growing from seed
Cyber Seeds - And yet another seed germination database
Garden Exchange FAQ - Information on harvesting, storing, and trading seeds
The Official Seed Starting Home Page - Information on growing some flowers (primarily annuals), herbs, and vegetables from seed
I Can Garden - Online courses on different aspects of gardening, including growing from seed
Seeds Blum Garden to Garden Network - Exceptional and unique seed growing opportunities for avid gardeners

Plant & Seed Exchanges

Garden Exchange Forums at GardenWeb - My absolute favorite place to swap plants and seeds and make great new friends!

Personal Gardening Homepages

Magnar's Arctic Perennial Page - My good Norwegian friend. Check out his extensive trade list of seeds

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Miscellaneous Links

Resources Used in Developing the Shadowood Website

Tinidril's Home - Tinidril was generous enough to create a beautiful banner for me to place in the GeoGuide rotation. If you are a GeoCities resident who needs a high quality banner, visit Tinidril's Home
my horse pages came from here
The Banner Generator - Create free custom banners for your personal homepage. The welcome banner on my homepage was generated at this site
Net Votes - Get a free voting booth for your website. My "Question of the Day" utility came from here
Cgi For Me! - A terrific site to get a number of free cgi scripts and hosting. My add-a-link equestrian education page is courtesy of this site
Bravenet - A great site offering many free services for page development.
The Top Fifteen Mistakes of First Time Web Design - A very useful article written by Holly M. Burns
Dead-Links - Free broken link checker

More Graphics

Lori's Background Boutique - Unique and lovely backgrounds
Virtual Horse Graphics - Free horse clipart and equestrian images

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